Transform your home into A Rejuvenating Quantum Sanctuary That 

Redefines Your Family’s Future!

 Immunity, Harmony, Genius, Prosperity & Deep Sleep

Did you know there is scientific evidence that proves that the energy of your home has a powerful influence on how you and your family feel, act, and respond to life?! 

It’s never been more important for YOU To Take The Lead in your home and create an environment your family can thrive in.

In this FREE series,

9 cutting edge transformation masters will share their unique secrets for creating a home environment that nurtures & supports you and your family to THRIVE through this pandemic and beyond.

Summit starts on Jan. 28- Feb. 5, 2021

Register now for 9 powerful sessions that will show you how to:

                   ~ Hit the Reset Button On Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia
                   ~Create the atmosphere of a CALM Sanctuary
                   ~ ACCELERATE LEARNING TO Activate the Energy Of Prosperity
                  ~ The Key To Deep Delta Sleep & How To Stop the Insomnia that leads to                            depression, learning difficulties, and arguments!

  ~ Hit the Reset Button On Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia
 ~Create the atmosphere of a CALM Sanctuary
~ ACCELERATE LEARNING TO Activate the Energy Of Prosperity
 ~ The Key To Deep Delta Sleep & How To Stop the Insomnia that leads to               depression, learning difficulties, and arguments!

Make no mistake. Registering for this virtual series is an act of SELF LOVE. 

(***You will receive a Free Anti-Anxiety Soundtrack when you register, and daily “Soundtracks” to support your focus and well being.)

Click the link below for your free all-access pass. When you register you will receive your first gift to set the stage for your vibrational attunement- a powerful soundtrack for Relaxation, Calm and Focus.

In this summit 9  cutting edge transformation experts will share their unique secret hacks to create a home base that nurtures & supports you to:
~ Hit The Reset Button On Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia
~Create Your Home As A CALM Sanctuary
~ Discover How To Activate Your Potential & Prosper;
~ Learn The Key To Deep Delta Sleep &How To Stop Insomnia
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 When you register you will receive your first gift to set the stage for your “home makeover” a soundtrack to get started for Relaxation/Calm/Focus. 

Our speakers have been featured on:
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Our Panel Of


Our Panel Of


Pam Oslie

Pamala Oslie is an author, consultant, radio show host, professional psychic intuitive, and aura expert. Pamala has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, The Dr. Oz Show, The View, The Ricki Lake Show, Coast to Coast with George Noory, Hallmark's Home & Family, Gaiam TV with Lisa Garr, and many other television and radio shows. 
Pam has written four successful and popular books, Life Colors, Love Colors, Infinite You and Make Your Dreams Come True, and has a very extensive clientele, including many celebrities

Natalie Ledwell

Dame Natalie Ledwell is a bestselling author, host of the podcast, Not Over, Just Different, co-host of the cable TV show WAKE UP, and co-founder of Mind Movies, the hugely successful and revolutionary online Personal Development company that has reached over 5.8 million people worldwide.

David Avocado Wolfe

David is the leading health, Immunity, Nutrition, and Natural Beauty Expert. You'd think he was a rock star with a fan base like his- America's TOP CEOs, Global Ambassadors, Hollywood celebrities, busy professionals, and even the most powerful buying influence in the nation---Mom's! But it's not rock n' roll that they flock to him's his nutrition mission and the natural-health and beauty eco-revolution that David Avocado champions.

Debra Poneman

Debra Poneman is a bestselling author, the founder of Yes to Success, and the co-founder with Marci Shimoff of the Year Of Miracles.
Known as the mentor to the mentors, Debra’s students have used her secret formula to become mega-successful entrepreneurs, renowned transformational leaders, NY Times bestselling authors, millionaires, and billionaires.

Mary Lynn Ziemer

As a world class coach and mentor, Mary Lynn unveils the secrets of life that “we were never taught in school.” In this session, she will show you how to create a life of deep happiness and heart-centered joy in your sanctuary by using one proven secret technique that she has invested a lifetime to create.

Anne Deidre

Anne Deidre is an International Celebrity Expert on Intuition, Certified Medical Intuitive, Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Coach. She has been featured on ABC and NBC TV, on The CW TV Network, HuffPost Live, also a FOX News Radio Contributor, on NPR, CBS Radio, Business Talk Radio, and many publications.
Anne’s unique and powerful gifts allow her to shift energetic patterns, heal trauma, and create new patterns that will empower you to bring your divine gifts to the world.

Sue Dumais

Sue Dumais is a Global Impact Visionary Leader answering the call to wake up the world. She is a Best-selling Author, International Speaker, gifted Intuitive Healer, Ordained Minister, and inspiration for the “Heart YES Movement.”
With 6 published books under her belt, Sue’s heartwork is designed to create profound healing and awakening, change minds, open hearts, uplift humanity, and unify us in love for each other and our planet.

Marci Shimoff

Marci Shimoff (Shy-Moff) is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, a world-renowned transformational teacher, and an expert on happiness, success, and unconditional love.
Marci’s books include the runaway bestsellers, Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason, and six titles in the phenomenally successful Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul series. She was also featured in the movie “The Secret.” Marci currently co-leads a world-wide program called Your Year Of Miracles

Lars Rain Gustafsson

Lars, as the founder of the BodyMind Institute (Est. 2009) and UEXL Institute (Est. 2017), is a passionate purveyor and developer of advanced health, life, business, and personal development education. With momentum community, networking, and education systems in place, Lars now has his sights set on supporting and creating a worldwide revolution in online education.

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